We are now active as podcasters!  It is a new area for us but also an interesting one and as people who know me will say I like a challenge and while it has been that, I feel we are really are progressing with it.

This is the cover we are using for our podcasts, I am really happy with it and our designer has done a top job as he always does.

It conveys the right sort of professional image which we want for the business and its great using it on the various platforms we have found to showcase our Reporting Accounts Podcasts.

I’ve been recording episodes and drip feeding them out each week to keep our users engaged, so far it seems to be working nicely and we are picking up new subscribers and some are regulars now tuning in to hear our show!  I guess it must be like this if you are a celebrity or a Youtuber!  Lol getting a bit carried away with the thought of that.  But you have to have fun whilst working on the internet as otherwise the slow progress can become a drag

Anyway here are a few of the great places which are showcasing our podcasts so far.

Podomatic – You can see https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/adrianlawrence100

I focus each episode on a interesting news item from that day so for example

Moonpig’s IPO – covered their successful first day of trading

Lookers returns from suspension – covers the return to trading of Lookers plc

Doctor Martens – the UK bootmaker also had an IPO

Player FM – is similar https://player.fm/series/adrian-lawrence-podcast

A few example tracks of theirs are:-

Hargreaves Lansdown – attracts younger investors


Reddit Day traders take on Wall Street


The idea is a good one and what is encouraging is that the sites I have found and are using are strong and seem to be spam free or at least so far.

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